Student Story – Isabelle Cottrell

30 Nov 2023

I truly believe that the CUC is an amazing organisation and community, and the opportunities provided are unmatched. I would like to tell you how the CUC has helped me through my degree (and continues to do so).

I grew up in Holbrook NSW and am attending Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga.  I first came to the Corryong Centre last year.  I was spending more time in Corryong since the shift to online and flexible learning opportunities due to Covid-19.  I have always lived out of town, where there are usually only 1-3 bars of 3G, where there is no NBN, or fast wi-fi connectivity.  Since starting my degree, I have used my mobile phone to hotspot my laptop. As you can imagine this was not efficient and tested my patience.  I also find I am an expert in procrastination, and having a place to go has been great.

When I heard of the CUC in Corryong, I was excited to have a place to go and get out of the house and complete university work.  Having access to dual monitors, wi-fi, printing and stationery was a game changer!  I have used the CUC for all aspects of university, from streaming lectures, completing assignments, and sitting exams.

I have found the CUC to be comfortable, quiet and accommodating for all needs.  The coffee station is a an amazing bonus, keeping me energized for long essays and portfolios.  The students and staff are incredible and were there to help me with anything I needed.

After the completion of my third-year studies, I started a 9-month placement down in Wangaratta.  I used the Wangaratta CUC Centre before and after work to complete my assessments and portfolio.  This Centre was a space for me to go after work, relax and get lots of work done.  Some days it felt like a second home.  I returned to the Corryong Centre to complete my final portfolio. I let everyone I know who is studying a course about the CUC, as it has been a game changer and welcoming community for me. I cannot thank everyone enough, and I just wish I had been part of the Centre earlier.

Isabelle Cottrell – Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Charles Sturt University)

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