Three people who can make your online study experience easier

19 Apr 2022

Whatever study support you need, our Learning Skills Advisors have got your back!

From referencing tips to time management strategies, scholarship opportunities to wellbeing support, our LSAs are here to help you succeed.

And the best thing? They don’t just talk the talk. They’ve all studied remotely themselves so they know what you’re going through.

Book in for a one-on-one or group session for learning assistance tailored to you.

In Mansfield? Jane’s your go-to gal

Trying to juggle study alongside work and family demands? Jane Leonard, our LSA in Mansfield, understands. She was a mature age working mum living in Alice Springs when she studied her Bachelor and Masters degrees.

“I’m well aware of the challenges of studying from a regional location while juggling many other priorities”

Jane has over two decades of teaching experience and one of her greatest passions is supporting and empowering learners to set and achieve goals.

“Sharing the successful journeys of remote and regional students who have managed to overcome challenges to succeed in their chosen courses of study, and to actually get to where they want to go career wise, has been up there with some of the most rewarding moments of my life.”

Jane’s own experience as a regional student has made her committed to creating opportunities for others.

“Gaining my university qualifications was a life changing and rewarding experience for me and my family on personal, professional and financial levels. The experience fostered a lifelong passion for supporting others who are following their dreams through university study.”

Roxanne is ready to help you in Wangaratta

When Roxanne Bodworth came across the Learning Skills Advisor role she thought “this job has been written for me.”

Roxanne studied multiple courses through five different universities, as well as TAFE and Adult Education organisations. Most of this was done externally, occasionally on-campus.

She understands it can be a culture shock if you’re new to study, and she has plenty of tips and resources to share that can make the journey more manageable and less daunting.

“Just to give them that direct contact with somebody to talk things through with, to help them navigate through the university systems, to say ‘this is a common experience, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it’.”

“I think the support of the CUC can make the difference between whether somebody finishes their degree or whether they give up and say it’s too hard.”

As you’d expect from someone who has continued to study throughout her life, Roxanne is passionate about the ways university study can enrich your life.

The very experience of learning always leads you on to more learning. It doesn’t stop with the attainment of the degree. It’s a way of thinking. There’s always something new to discover and it keeps you moving forward.”

Say hi to Celeste, your LSA in Corryong

Celeste Oliver doesn’t think your postcode should be an obstacle to your ability to learn and grow, and she has all the skills and positivity needed to help you do exactly that.

Celeste worked for 13 years in primary education, including nine years in leadership roles, and managed to squeeze in a couple of leadership courses and two Masters degrees along the way.

“I understand how challenging it can be – the distance, not being face to face. But sometimes it can give you more scope in your learning. It forces you to go outside the normal human nature of relying on ourselves to know the answers and work through things. It forces you to reach out for help and make connections with other people.”

Celeste sees wellbeing support as an important part of her role as a Learning Skills Advisor.

“We really need to learn that it’s ok to put ourselves first and our needs first. When we’re in a good space and we’re happy, we can be the best for everything and everyone else around us.”

Celeste is passionate about meeting each learner “where they’re at” and helping them get to where they need to be.

“You’ve signed up for this course because this is clearly a dream for you. How do we take those little steps to achieve that great outcome?”

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